“For “YES”, 2013, artist Urs Fischer invited one thousand five hundred Southern California residents to fill the space of The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA with clay sculptures of their own creation, turning process into product, and artist into collaborator. The aim was to bring together a multitude of individual styles; no previous knowledge of working with clay was necessary, just an interest in working in three dimensions.”

“As the sculptures harden, crumble, and collapse into dust, “YES” demonstrates Fischer’s interest in ephemeral and self-destructing works on a mass scale. This behind-the-scenes footage captures the project’s ten-day realization, from unloading of bricks of clay into the galleries, to the preparation of meals that sustained Fischer’s volunteer collaborators as they molded creatures, figures, and forms. “YES” is presented by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) as part of “URS FISCHER”, the first comprehensive museum retrospective in the United States of works by the internationally acclaimed Swiss-born artist”.

Directed by Emma Reeves.Filmed by Tom Salvaggio and Stephen Pagano. Edited by Tom Salvaggio. Music composed and performed by Pete Drungle – #petedrungle. Project Director Becky Kolsrud. Chefs Alex Eagleton and Mina Stone.

Source: http://www.moca.org


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