Erika Harrsch

Yesterday I had the opportunity to met this incredible artist (I knew a little about her but not her work) and of course when I got home and saw what I saw, I had no doubt I had to make a post about her…

Born in Mexico City, Erika Harrsch has lived and worked in Mexico, Italy, Germany and since 2001 in New York. Her multidisciplinary art practice employs resources that include drawing, painting, photography, video, animation and installations as a scenario building based on elements in both artificial and natural environments. Presenting intimate aspects of the human condition, inviting and seducing the viewer to evidence their direct contact with reality through the sense perception. For more than six years Harrsch has done research with an entomologist, immersing into the world of Lepidoptera. Has used butterflies in her work as a metaphor to address matters of identity, gender, nationality, migration and the relationship of human beings upon their own nature and fragility. These visual metaphors could be perceived through a plurality of perspectives, crossing and blurring boundaries to achieve a poetic image.

Some of my favorites things I saw in her work. Please if you have the opportunity, take the  time to visit her website and enjoy her BEAUTIFUL work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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